Bruce has been taking wildlife photographs for over 30 years. During the majority of this time his emphasis has been to document areas of his wildlife research or other field experiences. Bruce has a Doctorate in Forestry and Wildlife Management and over 30 years experience as a Wildlife Biologist including work for the Illinois Natural History Survey and Arizona Game and Fish Department..

In 2001 Bruce decided to dedicate his photographic time to improving his skills and to begin the process of taking wildlife photos that not only documented an event but did so in such a way that others would be able to enjoy his work. Because of Bruce’s training as a wildlife biologist he has an intimate understanding of wildlife behavior and is able to get up close and personal with his subjects. Bruce finds bats, rattlesnakes, scorpions, frogs, and toads, just as stimulating photographic subjects as the more popular mega fauna such as bears and the more “traditionally” beautiful birds.

In order to capture photographs of hummingbirds and bats in flight Bruce has developed a passion for high speed photography and is forever attempting to broaden his skills in this arena.

Bruce’s mother was a part time professional photographer and used Canon gear. To avoid her wrath Bruce has continued to use Canon gear throughout his photographic career. All of his images were taken either with Canon 35 mm film or digital cameras. Bruce’s first digital camera was the Canon D60 and he currently uses the Canon Mark II, 20D, and the 10 megapixal Rebel Xti. All of his lenses are Canon “L” series.

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